With an extensive proven track record, EPIRE has the ability to rapidly move any project through site selection, acquisition, financing, construction, sales and property management, all the way towards a successful completion.
Every project at EPIRE is managed with a “hands-on” approach, that involves the entire team together with architects, designers, other professionals and qualified General Contractor, to ensure that each development is distinctive and timeless, culturally relevant and financially successful.
We oversee the development process from the perspective of an owner and investor and conduct an in-depth market analysis of the risks and rewards and deployment of capital, to meet or exceed investment objectives.

Investment Management

We have successfully accomplished a variety of investments through dedicated structures with a multitude of Investors.
Our partners range from Private Equity Companies to Foundations, Corporations, High Net Worth Individuals and Family Offices.
EPIRE investment strategy is designed around investors' needs, schedule and resources, but most importantly dictated by market conditions and opportunities.
To achieve strong returns on our investments, the team combines vision, market knowledge, strong relationship with the industry experts and a keen ability to execute.


Over the course of years, EPIRE has advised corporations, family offices and individuals, helping them to successfully handle their real estate matters in New York and other major cities in the United States.
The extensive list of professional relationships, deep knowledge of the territory and rules and regulations was proven to be a competitive advantage for EPIRE's clientele.
389 5th Avenue, 10th Floor.
New York, NY 10016
United States
+1 (212) 686-7966
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